Rotika Systems and Communications

Remote Support

Rotika Systems and Communications provides remote and onsite support for desktops, laptops and networks. Remote managed support can be provided for large or small businesses on an as needed basis or as a long term IT partnership.

Monitoring and Alerting: We monitor the status of Resources such as servers, computers, printers, routers & firewalls. If we see an event that warrants attention, we’ll notify you. We Monitor Server errors logs to identify potential failures and also monitor for availability, downtime, performance, internet outages, failing hard drives, parts and other errors. Our field engineers are notified in real time of detected problems.

Updates and Patch Management: We apply updates and patches on Covered Network Resources. We can push out Service Packs and Updates for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and other 3rd party updates to all computers and servers on the network. These critical updates from software manufacturers are needed in order to repair problems in software functionality as well as security holes. This gives us the ability to deploy patches utilizing strategic timing based on best practices.

Inventory & Asset Management: We can Report on Computer Inventory/Assets which will aid in the management, phase out and rotation of older computer equipment and needed software upgrades so you may plan your business IT better. We also offer our clients with Remote & Anti-spyware Software

Backup Management: We Monitors Server backup logs for backup failures. We will also Work with customer to design a contingency plan for disaster recovery and prevention.
Security Antivirus & Firewall: Anti-Virus definition are monitored and kept up to date and active on all computer(s) and server(s).